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Engaging Our City with the Word of God

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Transform Charlotte

Charlotte has an abundance of churches and a strong tradition of faith driving civic engagement. But our residents have also struggled to address civil unrest, poverty, and racial tensions. Now, church leaders in Charlotte are joining with the church engagement team at American Bible Society to spur a movement for Charlotte’s renewal. Through faith-based partnerships and the life-changing power of God’s Word, we hope to see our city transformed.

Over 150 million Americans are curious about the Bible. But what about Charlotte? This website is the place for faith leaders to learn what people in Charlotte, both inside and outside our churches, are curious about when it comes to the Scriptures. Many of our city’s people believe there is—or at least could be—a solution to their difficulties in God’s Word, a way for people to come together in faith, unity, and love.


960 Churches in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg metro area


89% of adults in Charlotte consider themselves Christian


57% of adults in Charlotte read the bible in the past week


441,000 won't open a Bible outside of Church


Know your Church. Know your City.

The state of the Bible in Charlotte is different than in any other city. Access our extensive research to learn how Charlotteans are engaging with Scripture.


Become an Advocate for the Bible.

Join the mission to revitalize Charlotte by partnering with other local faith leaders. Click below to meet other Charlotte leaders who are on the cutting edge of change.


Engage Scripture with your Church.

Are the people in your church eager to read the Bible? Engage your congregation in Scripture with a compelling Bible experience for today’s readers.

God’s got a lot for Charlotte and it starts with God’s Word. Come and be part of this amazing work of transforming lives with the power of the Word.
— Nicole Martin