the Bible in charlotte


Studies show that people don’t read the Bible as much as they used to. You can do something about it. Draw on these data insights to understand your city’s unique perspective on the Bible.



State of the City: Charlotte 2018


Discover the spiritual landscape of your city and see what people in your area think about church, the Bible, and more. Access the State of the City Report for your city by clicking the button below.


Charlotte Spiritual Needs Assessment


Did you know that while most Charlotte area adults were raised as Christians, only half of young adults still say they are Christian today? On January 18th, 2018, American Bible Society and Center for Bible Engagement presented data on the spiritual needs of Charlotte and the city’s current level of Bible engagement. The final presentation can be accessed below.


the Bible in America


Barna researchers have conducted more than 14,000 interviews with U.S. teens and adults since 2011 to map ideas and ideologies that influence how we read, understand and apply the Scriptures. The findings reveal that repositioning the Bible is one of the most urgent tasks for today’s church.


Bible Minded Cities


Respondents within your city are classified as “Bible-minded” if they report reading the Bible within the past seven days and agree strongly in the accuracy of the Bible. Barna has ranked 131 U.S. cities to reflect how Bible-minded they are.